onsdagen den 2:e april 2014

My perfume collection

I'm a perfume lover and I love watching perfume collection videos on youtube. I decided to film my own video, I hope you enjoy :)
xoxo Matilda

måndagen den 24:e mars 2014

Mini haul

About two weeks ago I did a little shopping at H&M and Lagerhaus. I was inspired by spring that  seems to be here now. Last week there was some snow here in Sweden but just two days after that it was warm again and all of the snow was gone. I hope that spring has arrived now :)

I love candles so I got some new ones, some cute jars to drink from. I also picked up some earrings, a bracelet and a white top.
I got theese at Lagerhaus and I think they will be great for smoothies, so cute :)
Two secented candles also from Lagerhaus, they smell so fresh and they are perfect for springtime

Have you been doing any shopping for the springtime?
Xoxo Matilda

måndagen den 3:e februari 2014

The perfect palette tag

I love make up and I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes, this tag called perfect palette tag has been going around youtube. I think it's a fun tag so I decided to film a video, I hope you enjoy :)
Let me know if you have done this tag if not leave your answears in the comments,
1. Best Packaging
2. Best Color Payoff
3. Most Versatile
4. Best for Traveling
5. Biggest Regret
6. Best Color Names
7. Least Used
8. Most Used, Most loved, Desert Island

I tag YOU!

Xoxo Matilda

måndagen den 20:e januari 2014

Tutorial: Party eyes


Yesterday I uploaded a new video and it's a tutorial that I call party eyes, this is one of my go to looks when it's time for a party. Since I love this look so much I thought I would share it and show you how to achieve it. I hope you like this video! :)
Xoxo Matilda

tisdagen den 14:e januari 2014


Yes I went shopping and I also ordered some things from Nelly.com so I decided to film a haul, I hope you enjoy :)
Xoxo Matilda

onsdagen den 1:e januari 2014

New year's eve outfit

What I'm wearing:
- Dress, Lipsy London
-Shoes, Fornarina
-Necklace, Claire's
-Watch, Michael Kors

Happy new year! I hope you all hade a wonderful New year's eve and I wish you the best for 2014.
Xoxo Matilda

tisdagen den 17:e december 2013

The Katniss braid

I took theese pictures several weeks ago but I wanted to post them anyways, I love how this braid turned out. This look is inspired by Katniss from the Hunger games, I have done this braid before but this time it turned out better. I watched a video by Letsmakeitup1 on youtube and she showed a trick of twisting the hair which made the overall look so beautiful. I think that this braid is so great and it's suitable for many different occasions.
xoxo Matilda